General CLothing thoughts

The number one question I get asked as a photographer is “What should I wear to my session?”. Have you been there? Here are some guidelines to help choose your perfect outfit.

Outfit choices are important and can make or break how wonderful you feel at your session! This is your day to shine, so anything you wear should fit properly and make you feel amazing.


  • Neutrals, whites, muted colors/pastels. Lighter colors in general will help emphasize your beautiful face rather than distracting from it.

  • Solids and textures rather than heavy patterns.

  • Shoes that fit the location. You can always ask me in advance what would be best. For heels, wedges are always a safe bet to keep from sinking in the ground.


  • Highly saturated colors. Hot pink and reds can reflect color onto your face and makes it difficult to control a creamy skin tone in pictures.

  • Heavy high contrast patterns are visually distracting from the overall image.

  • Necklaces or jewelry pieces that will require a lot of adjusting.

  • While black tops are a popular choice because it ‘feels’ like a neutral, avoid many people in the picture wearing many black pieces. Many black clothing pieces make the image feel very heavy.

Lauren Harris Fall Mini 2018-1811 Lauren Harris Finals-0034.jpg
Jordan Family Session 2018-181201 KellyGeorge Jordan Finals-0006.jpg


Study your body shape and choose figure enhancing styles. I want you to feel amazing for your session! At all costs, avoid any clothing pieces that you know you’ll want to tug and adjust often. For white tops that may be a bit see-through, wear a slip or undershirt to hide any bra lines you don’t want seen in images. Long skirts and dresses can help elongate the body and give an elevated look. Accentuate your waste, length, beautiful legs, whatever it is that makes you feel your best! Most sessions are in outdoor locations, keep this in mind for shoe selections. Wedges are usually a safe bet for a heel option. Always bring a more comfortable flat for walking to our shooting picture spot.

Lindsey Craig Fall Mini 2018-181103 Lindsey Craig Finals-0026.jpg



Men look great in a dark wash jean in all situations. For an elevated look, pair with a light colored dress shirt and casual sports coat in a neutral color tone. Accessorize with a camel brown belt and dress shoe, and that is one handsome man! Another option for an elevated look is a light grey or khaki pant, with a navy blazer. For a more causal look, dark jeans, light blue or neutral dress shirt with sleeves rolled up. For the most casual look, nice khaki shorts, blue or white dress shirt with sleeves rolled up, and good neutral Sperry shoes.


Following the same ideas above for girls versus boys. Keep them comfortable. We want happy joyful smiles! Those pure smiles will be harder to come by if they feel stuffy in their clothes. Try to let them have some ownership of their outfit choice so they feel proud and confident.

Lindsey Craig Fall Mini 2018-181103 Lindsey Craig Finals-0030.jpg
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