Davis in the Car

Hi Friends,

I wanted to share one of the sweetest things that Davis does right now. He’s 16 months and is obsessed with sitting in the front seat of the car. Of course, the car is always parked, never moving! Anytime we step foot out our front door he has to get in whatever car is sitting in the drive way. This morning I had an amazing family shoot with the sweetest family. When I got home, I was about to carry my camera bag into the house, then thought “why not get some good pics of D”. So here he is, in his happy place, his Bebe’s front seat.

He’s got to check out any trash or cups you have in the console, and make sure the seat belt is working!

He love his Bebe so much! When she comes by the house, he gets so sad when she leaves.


And when she does have to leave, we have to watcher her go through the window. Sweet boy, you are my favorite!



Haley OttmannComment