Landon + Senior Session


My sweet cousin Landon is graduating this May! How can it be true? I remember not only when he was still growing inside my Aunt Traci's belly, but the night he was born. We rushed to the hospital late that evening when we heard Aunt Traci was in labor. We waited and waited and at 12:27am he arrived! I was eight years old at the time and not only was I super excited to have a new baby cousin, but also thought it was very cool that I got to stay up really late and miss school the next day. Over the course of both of us growing up we loved to spend summers swimming in their back yard and playing all kinds of outdoor games. Quite a few (short) years have passed, and Landon is now a high school graduate! He is not only extremely handsome but also incredibly smart and equally kind. Landon, I can't wait to see where this life will lead you. You only have greatness ahead, and it will be so exciting for me to watch!