Haley Ottmann


I'm a big believer that our amazing God handmade and crafted each and every one of us. With this, he gave us each our own very distinct and extraordinarily special gifts. We each have the decision of how to use these gifts. Today, I'm walking the abundantly joyful journey of using mine for HIM. Visit the Philosophy Page to hear more of our perspective on HIM and photography. 

Top 5 Favorite Things:

  1. Mornings - Coffee & Quiet time
  2. Robert, can't get enough of him!
  3. Quality time with people I love
  4. Complete Stillness
  5. Chocolate & Wine

Photo Credit: Love, the Nelsons

Robert Ottmann

Chief Encouraging Officer

Husband to Haley Ottmann, and doer of everything behind the scenes. He's the chef, cleaner, dog feeder, organizer, and everything else that is good! 

Top 5 Favorite Things

  1. Haley
  2. Sports (football, baseball)
  3. Outdoors (hunting, fishing, camping)  
  4. Texas A&M
  5. Traveling to the ranch





Photo Credit: Love, the Nelsons

Ryder Ottmann

Chief Napping Officer

Ryder is a rescue pup that Robert and Haley adopted in March 2015. He's around 2 years old, mix of lab, pointer and probably a little dalmatian. 


Top 5 Favorite Things: 

  1. Waking Haley and Robert up in the mornings
  2. Breakfast
  3. Walks
  4. Treats
  5. Napping