Haley Ottmann Photography


fall 2018 + mini Sessions

(just opened more days!)

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I'm Haley! Some people know me as wife to Robert and 'Mama' to Davis. Also, dog-mom to Ryder. I'm gluten-free, but absolutely never turn town a good chocolate. I've listened to country music my entire life, but my go-to station is KSBJ. I love the Lord and hope to walk obediently in the path he has set for me. This very photography business is one of those obedient steps. I'm a registered Interior Designer by trade, photographer by nature.

Memories do a funny thing to me. The good ones do. They make me want to relive them. They make me want to savor the fact that they were once a reality. To me, my photography is a way to give memories a physical dimension in the space of reality. In a hustling, warped speed reality, I think we all need these treasures in our back pocket for the day when life isn't so quick to pass us by. 




"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

-Dr. Seuss-





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